I am a lover of the beauty and power of the written word.

I write for the same reasons I run: not for expiation but for exaltation; not to pull myself up from the depths, but to fly higher. I cherish the whole endless, chaotic process of writing, from first spark of inspiration to final revision.

My work has been featured in publications such as the Globe and Mail and Opera Canada magazine.

An essay of mine was shortlisted for the 2013 CBC Canada Writes Bloodlines contest and in 2016 one of my short stories was a finalist for the Penguin Random House Student Prize for Fiction.

Archived posts from my former athletic blog, Lyricycle, are available here.

Dr. Bartolo's Umbrella

My book, Dr. Bartolo’s Umbrella and Other Tales from my Surprising Operatic Life, is a warm, sometimes witty, often irreverent memoir of my years as a professional opera singer in Canada. I never forgot how lucky I was to have been granted such a magical career. Dr. Bartolo’s Umbrella is my celebration of those years.

What People Say about Dr. Bartolo's Umbrella

Terry Fallis, two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour and author of six bestselling novels, wrote:

Christopher Cameron has written a fine and funny memoir of his life in opera. At once witty and wise, Cameron’s reflections and perspectives are insightful and sometimes profound, and the writing is wonderful.

Sarah Murdoch, in the Toronto Star, wrote:

His stories are self-effacing and witty, and illuminate much about a life on the stage.

Leslie Barcza, in Barczablog, wrote:

It needs to be said that Cameron can write … We’re hearing an account of a life, with a consistent & original philosophy, punctuated by some edgy commentary.  Chris Cameron is a good writer with lots to say above and beyond recounting his life-story.

Joseph So in Ludwig Van.com wrote:

Cameron tells his story with humour and grace, and best of all, from the heart. Highly recommended.

How to Buy Dr. Bartolo's Umbrella

I am still working on the sales feature of my website.

If you would like to read Dr. Bartolo's Umbrella, please fill out the form on the Contact Page.

I will get in touch with you to let you know how to order your copy.